Fingerless Gloves with Lace Medallion Detail

The medallion in this pattern includes a lacy center, giving these gloves a wonderful and feminine feel.  I knit them in a cashmere  yarn that I recycled from an old sweater, making them truly luxurious and warm.  I have given these gloves out as gifts and they never fail to please the recipient!  Take advantage of your time in front of the TV, knit these gloves, and pamper either your hands or those of a true friend.

If you recycle cashmere yarn you may want to double or triple your strands as it tends to be very thin.  I doubled my sweater yarn which was from a 4 ply sweater.  If you buy yarn for this pattern then I suggest that you buy sock yarn.  This pattern required less than one skein of yarn, and around 10 rewarding nights of 1-3 hours knitting in front of the TV.


One set US size 4 double pointed needles

One tapestry needle


Light sock weight


22sts in 4 inches

Start Cuff

Cast on 34 stitches onto 3 US 4 double pointed needles as follows.

16 sts on needle 1, 10 sts on needle 2, 8 sts on needle 3


The stitches on the first needle will form the decorative lace medallion top to the glove.  The second needle will be knit plain.  The third needle will become the thumb area.  For the second glove reverse needle 2 and needle 3 making the thumb on needle 2.

Row 1: Referring to chart, work medallion pattern over needle 1.  Repeat (p2, k2) over needle 2 and 3.

Row 2 – 16: Repeat row 1.  This will complete the glove cuff.


Start Thumb Shaping and Hand Area

Row 17: Work medallion over needle 1.  Knit across needle 2.  On needle 3, k2, m1, PM, k4, PM, m1, k2.  The thumb area will be between the markers.

Rows 18-20: Work medallion across needle 1.  Knit across needle 2 and 3.

Row 21: Work medallion over needle 1.  Knit across needle 2.  On needle 3, k3, SM, m1, knit to next marker, m1, SM, k3.

Rows 22-24: Work medallion across needle 1.  Knit stitches across needle 2 and 3.

Rows 25-36: Repeat rows 21-24 three more times.

Row 37: Continue the medallion across needle 1.  Knit needle 2. On needle 3, k3, slip 12 sts onto a stitch holder to work later, cast on 3 sts using backward loop method, k3.

Row 38: Work medallion across needle 1.  Knit needle 2 and 3.

Repeat row 38 until you are two rows short of completing the medallion pattern 4 times.  This means your last row should correspond to row 14 in the chart just before the cable.

Complete the Top Edge

Row 1: purl all stitches

Row 2: knit all stitches

Row 3: purl all stitches

Row 4: Loosely cast off all stitches

Complete the Thumb

Place the 12 stitches from holder onto 3 needles as follows.

Place first and last stitch on needle 1.  Split remaining 10 stitches between needle 2 and 3.

Row 1: k1, pick-up and knit 3 stitches where the early stitches were cast on in the gap, k to end of round.

Row 2-7: k

Row 8: p

Row 9: Loosely cast-off with purl st.



Weave in all ends.  You can also use the tail from starting the thumb to close any holes.


k- knit

p- purl

yo- yarn over

k2tog – knit two together

ssk- slip, slip, knit

p1 tbl – purl one stitch through the back loop

Lace Medallion Chart:

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