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The free pattern contained in this post will teach you how to create a beautiful and unique, two dimensional, blown glass ornament in the shape of a star.  This pattern can not only be used to make a Christmas ornament, but can also be used to make a non-seasonal ornament that will add interest to a lonely window or office.

I am passionate about teaching you how to make glass Christmas ornaments.  So read below and find out how!

I am a big fan of traditional blown glass beads from the Czech Republic, and this pattern is a great starting point if you are interested in working with these artisanal beads.  The Czech beads are typically hand blown and then a coating is added to the inside of the glass, giving the beads a brilliant silver color.  Glazes can then be added to the outside of a bead to create various other iridescent colors.   After creating this simple star, please visit my Craftsy Site for more intricate glass ornament patterns that will teach you how to make glass Christmas ornaments (and very unique ones too!).  You can follow this direct link to my Craftsy store if you want to learn how to make glass Christmas ornaments.

Many different styles of beads can be used in this pattern (there is no need to use Czech beads, but they sure are cool) but the size of beads should be as specified in this pattern.  A wide range of beads can be purchased in the USA from 32° North.  You can find their website here or you can visit their Etsy site.  Note that I have no affiliation with this site, I just want you to be able to find the beads that you need for this pattern!  Solid glass beads can also be purchased at numerous craft stores.


6 – blown glass round beads, 6mm in diameter

6 – blown glass tube beads (I used ones with a round bead attached to a tear drop.)

30 – solid glass craft beads

One pair of round tipped needle nose pliers

28 gauge wire

Instructions teaching you how to make a glass Christmas ornament:

1) String all 6 of the round blown glass beads onto a piece of wire ~30 inches in length.

2) Pass the wire back through the first bead to create a circle, leaving ~2 inches of the wire end exposed on one side of the first bead (see figure below).  Note that I will refer to this “first bead” in step 7 of the pattern.  This bead is at the 12 o’clock position in the image below.

3) Add a tube bead to the long end of the wire (i.e. NOT the 2″ end of wire!).  I used a tube bead with a round end attached to a teardrop and placed the round end onto the wire first.

4) Add 5 glass craft beads.

5) Pass the wire back through the 5 craft beads.  Place a stick or the end of your pliers through the loop you have created at the far end of the line of 5 craft beads.  Pull the wire end until no slack remains.  Twist the stick (or pliers) at least 720 degrees around to create a secure loop.  See image directly below.

6) Add another tube bead to the wire.  Be careful to maintain symmetry relative to the tube bead used in step 3.  See the main image at the top of the post to review the proper shape and symmetry of each star point.

7) Pass the wire back through the first bead (such that the star point straddles this bead) and keep passing the wire through the bead adjacent to the first bead.   This completes the first point of the star.  You will be working your way around the star, adding points, in a clockwise direction.  After you complete the first half of the second star point your pattern should look like the image below.

8 ) Repeat steps 3 through 7, f our more times,  and complete a total of 6 star points.  A star point will straddle each of the 6 mm beads (blue beads in my pattern) if you execute the pattern properly.

9) Complete the last point in the same manner as above, but on step 7 only pass the wire through one bead, which is the bead that the 6th star point straddles.  This will result in your wire ending at the same point you started, meaning that the remaining wire will be right next to the ~2 inch piece of wire from step 2.

10) Holding the start (~2 inch wire from step 2) and end of the wire tightly together with the pliers, twist them together.

11) Trim off excess wire after the twist and wrap what is remaining between the two 6 mm round beads to hide the wire.

12) Place a hanger or ribbon through a loop at the end of any of the star points.

Hang the ornament somewhere that you will enjoy it, or even better you can give it away as a gift!


And as a reminder, you can visit my Craftsy site or my Etsy site for more intricate blown glass ornament patterns.  If you have any questions as to how to make glass Christmas ornaments then please do not hesitate to contact me.  Ideally, you will use the comment box below.  I will respond!

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