Felt Sewing Tools – How to Make a Pincushion and More


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In this post I link to a pattern that will teach you how to make your own custom, very cute sewing tools.  I designed this pattern and I use my tools (pictured below) all the time when working on projects.  Please read below and discover how to make a pincushion and a tape measure cover using your favorite felt materials.

I recently posted this pincushion pattern and tape measure pattern on Craftsy and Etsy that will teach you how to make two interesting and delicate felt sewing tools, as shown in the image above.  If you haven’t worked with felt before then this pattern provides a fairly simple and rewarding first project for you.  The resulting pincushion and sewing tape measure are wonderful tools for any crafter.  As such, they will be great gifts either for yourself or for someone special in your life.  So get started and learn both how to make a pin cushion and how to make a tape measure cover using your favorite felt!

A direct link to my Craftsy site can be found here.  When you download the pattern, please contact me to provide feedback regarding either the pattern or your finished product.  I always appreciate your feedback.

Please provide me with some feedback regarding this tutorial, preferable in the comment box below!

And finally, please realize that if you boil your wool before tackling this project then the felt will take on a much more natural and soft texture.  I can’t close out this post without giving you this final tip!

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