Personalized Stitch Markers


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Forget plastic, cheaply made stitch markers – make your own!  I will show you how to make custom stitch markers in this post.


It is always satisfying to finish a beautiful knitting project, but I also love simpler creative pleasures involving quality tools and materials.  Stitch markers are undeniably useful tools, and also undeniably fun to personalize with your own creative flair and craftsmanship.  The creation of custom stitch markers is not only a great project for a knitting group to complete together, but also a great idea for a gift swap.  Handmade stitch markers are also a great and personal addition to a knitting gift basket.  The possibilities are endless for this simple and satisfying project.

All the materials you need for this project are easily available at your local craft store, and this project serves as a great way to use left over beads from past projects.  The beads I used were remnants from necklaces we made at my daughter’s birthday party a few months ago.  Reduce, reuse and recycle (and of course eliminate clutter from the house)!


Materials and Tools: 

50mm head pins

Needle nose pliers

Assorted beads

Metal knitting needle (or crochet hook)



1) Place desired beads onto the head pin.

2) Loop the wire up and over your knitting needle.  You should use a knitting needle that is roughly two sizes larger than the size you plan to knit with when using these stitch markers.  You want to ensure that the stitch markers will slide easily across the needle while you are using them.  You should also use a metal knitting needle for shaping the stitch marker.  The process of wrapping the wire around the needle could damage a wooden needle.

3) Use the needle nose pliers to wrap the wire around itself, just above the top bead (see lower left image).  After one full wrap or rotation, trim the excess wire.

4) Use the pliers to press down any wire that is still protruding from the wrapped section above the bead (see lower right image).


5) Start knitting (or gifting)!



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