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Hello everyone,

In this post you will learn how to embellish a simple, inexpensive and comfortable t-shirt with a lacy and elegant accent!  Read the repurposed t shirt tutorial below.

repurposed shirt

The warm weather has arrived and the kids are out of school!  It is definitely time for some fun and comfortable outdoor wear.  I like the comfort of a soft jersey knit T-shirt, but I also like my clothes to have a bit of personality.  After finding a lot of boring shirts, then a lot of expensive shirts, I decided on a plan B.  I hit the outlets and picked up some simple T-shirts with the fit and colors that I prefer.  I had my best luck at the Ann Taylor Loft Outlet when seeking out these t-shirts.  Then I headed over to Marshalls and I picked up an accent shirt that was ill fitting but had great detailing.  My accent shirt is a machine lace top made to look like crochet.  These types of tops are great for repurposing because they to not fall apart when cut.  One accent shirt like the one shown below will allow you to embellish many T-shirts. In this post I will show you my first creation.


1. Choose a solid color t-shirt with a flattering fit.

2.  Select a second shirt in white or ivory that you will cut up and use for accent pieces.  Strips of sewing trim and lace are also great choices for your accent supply.  Look at the construction of the accent fabric that you choose and be sure that it can be cut without falling apart.  Lace that is actually crocheted should be used in full sections and not cut, due to a risk of raveling.  Below are my choices.

3. Cut out sections of your accent shirt or fabric to create independent pieces.  It is fun to try different variations of the design.  Below are a few that I cut from my shirt.

4. Set your t-shirt on a table and play around with your accent pieces until you find an accent arrangement that you like.  Pin them in place and try the shirt on to verify that you still like the arrangement.  Use a tape measure to check for symmetry and re-pin any necessary pieces.  

5. Starting at the center, sew down all large pieces with a sewing machine.  Be sure to use a ball point needle in the sewing machine.  This will ensure that you do not tear your T-shirt and create holes.

6. With the large pieces in place check the placement of any small pieces, adjusting if neccessary.  Sew the small pieces down by hand using a back stitch.

7. Then wear your new, custom, one af a kind T-shirt with pride.  Expect compliments!

Enjoy the warm weather and stay stylish!



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