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I love the elegance of the blown glass ornaments on my Christmas tree.  Many of my favorite ornaments are special to me because of their whimsical design.  The instructions in my newest pattern (for sale on Craftsy) are for a wonderful, whimsical, blown glass airplane ornament.  This ornament is sure to be a favorite ornament soon after you make it! This pattern is my latest attempt to show you how to make glass Christmas ornaments, or more specifically blown glass bead ornaments.

blown glass bead ornament

Blown glass beads are also know as Mercury glass beads because of the shiny silver coating applied to the inside of the glass.  They are difficult to find because there is only one company that continues to manufacture these beautiful beads today, and that company is Rautis in the Czech Republic.  However, many of the Rautis blown glass beads, including all of the beads needed for this pattern, are for sale on-line from 32 Degrees North.  For tube beads with more than 4 bumps in length you will need to buy a longer section of tube and then score and snap the tube to your desired length.  When you make this ornament, you can alter the design to use your own colors, and in many cases, different shaped beads.  But remember, be careful to use the same size beads that I call out in the pattern or else the proportions of the ornament may not make sense.

As I have stated before here on the blog, I am passionate about making (and teaching you how to make) blown glass ornaments in an old world style.  This latest pattern will indeed teach you how to make glass christmas ornaments.  But I have to tell you that it took a LONG time to write up the pattern.  The airplane is not simple to make, but the lengthy pattern is hopefully simple to follow.  I added many, many annotated pictures to the pattern to guarantee that you can make the ornament from the pattern (see example page from the pattern below).  And my husband even scrutinized the pattern to ensure that even a novice ornament crafter can easily follow the pattern.  You can think of this pattern sort of like a Lego construction pattern, only this will impress your friends far more than any Lego ornament could when you hang it on your Christmas tree!

So please just pop on over to Craftsy and evaluate this new pattern.  Sign up for Craftsy here if you are not a member is painless and definitely worth it (affiliate link by the way)!   If you are in the mood for a free pattern, do not forget my blog post and free pattern regarding how to make a glass star ornament!

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