Felt Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern – Rainbow

Hello everyone,

Everyone always says that your children grow up “in the blink of an eye”.  As those same folks say, “it seems like just yesterday that my children were babies”.   I experienced one of these incredulous moments earlier this month when my daughter lost her first tooth.  I was totally unprepared.  In an attempt to make up for it, I offered to make her a pillow with a little pocket that would both hold her tooth and provide a place for money from the tooth fairy.  I suggested a fairy or tooth shaped pillow.  My daughter replied with one word,  “rainbow”.  Maybe she wanted to encourage the Tooth Fairy to leave a pot of gold in exchange for her tooth.

My mission was clear.  So I sat down with my pencil and paper and drew a template for a rainbow shaped tooth fairy pillow.  Thankfully, I received complete acceptance from the boss.  We then picked out some felt colors for the tooth fairy pillow pattern.  I always prefer to work with wool felt.  It has a much better finished look and feel than the synthetic felt that is sold in most big box craft stores.  For this project I used the “Wool Felt Mini Bag” from Weir Crafts.   The Mini Bags included all the colors needed for the perfect rainbow.   They embroidery floss can be acquired at any craft shop.  After receiving final approval of the plan, Evelyn went to bed and I started stitching.  The Tooth Fairy pillow tutorial below will show you everything that you need to know to complete your very own “Tooth Fairy Rainbow Pillow”.

Materials for the Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern:

Wool Felt:

  • 6 rainbow colors  – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet
  • Sky blue
  • White

Stranded DMC Embroidery Floss:

  • Each of your  rainbow colors,  except the last color.  So for me I needed red, orange, yellow, green and blue
  • White

Crewel Embroidery Needle

Fabric Scissors

Instructions for the Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern:

1) Cut out all felt pieces to your own rainbow shape, or you can print out and use the picture below as a reference.  Arrange each colored arch of the rainbow in a rainbow like pattern to make sure that all pieces fit properly.  Make any adjustments necessary.  I cut my background (light blue felt that goes behind all other pieces of felt) ahead of time, but I suggest that you wait to cut it until after you have sewn everything together.  This is the more efficient approach in case the clouds move a bit while you are sewing.  The image below shows the front of my rainbow tooth fairy pillow before sewing.

2) Start with the two largest rainbow arches.  Whip stitch the two arches together with the red floss.  Continue adding archess to the inside of your rainbow with a whip stitch using the color of floss corresponding to the larger of the two arches you are joining.  For reference, a decent whip stitch photo can be found here.  Note that when you whip stitch the arches together the blue background is not present.  You will add that later!

3) Line up the two clouds to cover the bottom of the rainbow with the small cloud slightly overlapping the larger cloud.  Pin in place.  Now place your rainbow and clouds on top of the light blue felt background.  Cut the blue felt to match the outline.  Pin the rainbow to the blue background.

4) Use the white floss and a whip stitch to attach the larger white cloud.  When working over the rainbow and the blue background you should stitch through all three layers of felt.

5) Use white floss to attach the small cloud as a pocket.  Start at the right pocket opening.  You can use a washable or temporary marker to mark the pocket opening placement on your cloud if you prefer.  You simply need to decide how large or small you want the opening to be.  Using a whip stitch, attach the layers of felt together  – stitching counter clockwise around the edge of the cloud until you reach the second opening mark.  When you reach the cloud pocket opening you should continue with the whip stitch, but only stitch through the white felt.  Do not stitch through the rainbow and back ground or else you will close the pocket!

6) Using the red embroidery floss, whip stitch the top of the rainbow to the blue background felt.  You may also want to add some stuffing to the pillow now (in between the rainbow colored felt and the blue background felt) but it is not neccesary.

I hope that you and your child enjoy this tooth fairy pillow pattern.  Felt is a wonderful medium to work in, so consider asking your child what kind of pillow they want.  You can easily make anything!  I would love to hear what types of pillows you have made or even heard requested from your little ones!

Happy sewing!



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