Leather Braided Bracelet Pattern

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Your positive feedback has temporarily steered me away from knitting patterns and towards bracelet patterns.  Perhaps all of that knitting is best saved for the cold winter here in NH!  In this bracelet tutorial I share an easy DIY leather braided bracelet pattern.

After making the leather and gemstone bracelet tutorial and the leather and chain bracelet tutorial, I found myself with some extra leather cord in varying sizes.  I had also been working with a young girl next door, helping her to make some cute friendship bracelets.  In the process I remembered a 3 dimensional (3D), embroidery floss braid that I used to make as a teenager.  I quickly decided to try 3D braiding with leather.  I stumbled upon a great new bracelet in the process!  The resulting leather bracelet pattern produced a wonderful and elegant leather bracelet with endless opportunities.  Not only can this bracelet be made with many or multiple colors of leather cord of many diameters, but it is also easy to add a couple of beads to the bracelet before adding the end caps.   For leather cord and end-caps you should check out USA Leather.

In the pattern below, I provide a pattern for 2 different diameters of leather cord.   I have written out the instructions for making this leather braided bracelet pattern below, but you can also watch my YouTube video to see visual instructions for this pattern.


Small Diameter Bracelet: 1mm round leather cord and 3.1 mm inner diameter (ID) end cap

Large Diameter Bracelet: 2mm round leather cord and 6mm inner diameter (ID) end cap


1. Cut 3 sections of leather cord.  I use 24-30 inch pieces when making a bracelet.  The length you need will depend a lot on how tight you weave the bracelet and somewhat on the diameter of cord you use.   Fold each length of cord and gather the six ends of the cords.  After you gather all six ends together, make a knot near the ends.  Tying the knot should create 3 long loops of leather cord.

2. Secure the knot to a stationary item.  I often use a binder clip to grab the knot and put the loop of the clip around a nail.

3. Place the first loop around one of your index fingers.  Place the second loop around your other index finger.  Place the third loop around the middle finger on your right hand.

4. Insert the free middle finger on your left hand through the loop on your right middle finger (see below).

5. Using your left middle finger, grab the top of the loop on your right index finger.   Pull this loop from your right index finger through the loop onto your left middle finger.

6. You should now be holding two loops with your left hand and one with your right.  Spread your hands apart to tighten the braid.

7. Move the loop on your right middle finger up to your index finger.

8. Repeat the steps 4 – 7 with your right hand middle finger.  Continue this way until you have achieved your desired length. The braid will look different depending on how much you tighten after each step.  These steps are shown in my YouTube video for this leather braided bracelet pattern, and while a picture says 1000 words this video says a million!  Take a peek if you are confused by the verbal description above.

9. Put a drop of super glue into one end cap.  Hold the braid at the end  of the bracelet tightly and cut off excess loops.  Insert the leather ends into the end cap while twisting until fully inserted.

10. Check the bracelet length.  If you want to add anything onto the bracelet, like a bead, do it before adding the final end cap. Put a drop of glue into the remaining end cap.  Cut the bracelet at the desired length being careful to hold the end tightly so it does not unravel.  Insert the bracelet end into the end cap while twisting until fully inserted.

I hope you enjoy your bracelet!  Let me know what kinds of variations you try, and post any comments or feedback below!

Happy braiding,


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