Diamond Cross – How to Make Glass Christmas Ornaments


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Last week my husband and I took our two little ones out on a hunt for a Christmas tree.  After arriving home with a beautiful tree, we hauled box after box of Christmas ornaments up from the basement.  We then started hanging ornaments as a family, making sure that the most fragile ornaments were out of reach from the eager swats of our two kitties.

I focused my attention on a box of handmade glass Christmas ornaments.  This box is full of treasured ornaments either purchased while traveling or made with care by my own two hands.   While rediscovering some of my favorite old ornaments from Europe I came across a wonderful glass ornament with a large decorative, diamond center bead.  Although I have never seen the exact beads in that ornament for sale, the configuration sparked my interest and made me think of a similar diamond bead that I had seen for sale in the USA.  In fact, I had some in stock here at my house.  For a while now, I have wanted to create an ornament using this new diamond shaped bead.  There is no time like the present, so I decided to make the ornament below the latest ornament in my series of tutorials that will teach you how to make glass Christmas ornaments.  You can see the unique bead that is the foundation of this pattern in the center of the ornament photo below.  I love the way the diamond shaped glass bead features a cross design.

Using the old ornament that I found when decorating my tree as creative inspiration, I created a similar yet new ornament pattern using beads that are fully available for sale online in the US.  Complete, detailed, photographic instructions (along with information on acquiring the blown glass beads needed for the pattern) can be found through my Craftsy Store.  All instructions are written with painstaking detail with step by step photographs.  As a reference, the materials needed for this pattern are shown below, along with one page taken from the ornament pattern.

 Materials List:

  • 22 gauge wire
  • One – 2” long extra large diamond cross bead
  • Seven – 5mm diameter round blown glass beads*
  • Four – 4mm diameter 6 bump tube beads
  • Four – 4mm round or 1 bump tube beads*
  • Three – 8mm diameter round blown glass beads
  • Eight – 30mm long bugle beads
  • Six – 15mm long bugle beads

For information on additional glass patterns (many, but not all of them are free) you can also goto the Glass Projects section of this blog.  I hope you give one of these wonderful blown glass ornaments a try!  I want to teach you how to make glass Christmas ornaments, so please get in touch with me if you have any questions!  Your comments and questions motivate me to regularly add content to this blog.


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