Dangling Gemstone Bead Earrings – Simple Beading Patterns


Hello Everyone,

I love strolling around and shopping in all the local boutique shops in Portsmouth, NH.  Recently, while on a stroll, I noticed a collection of jewelry made with sterling silver and rough gemstones.  It made me think of all the small bead gemstones that I had left over from old projects.  So, I set off to complete two goals this week:

  1. Create my next post, this post on simple beading patterns.
  2. Use materials left over from old projects on lovely new projects.  If you made one of my “Leather and Gemstone Bracelets“, the left over 4mm beads work great for this project too.


I found a great selection of ear-wires at Fire Mountain Gems.  You can also find the headpins and beads there.  There is also a great selection of gemstone beads on eBay.  I used rondelles, but round or chips also would work well.  Now you can find everything that you need to learn how to make earrings.

Materials needed to create your simple beading patterns:

Ear-wires with loop

24 gauge head-pins 1″ in length

Gemstone beads 2-4mm in diameter

Jewelry pliers with round tips

Online Jewelry Making Classes


1. Add 6-7 beads to one of the head pins.  Bend the wire to the side at the top of the last bead to hold beads in place.

2. Trim the head pin so you have only enough wire remaining to make your loop.  Bend the wire in a small loop.

3. Open the loop slightly and attach to the loop at the bottom of your ear-wire.

4. Add 2-3 beads to a head pin, trim the wire and make a loop as you did in step two.   Add 5-6 beads to a second headpin.  Trim and make a loop at the end then open the loop just enough to add the first headpin with 2-3 beads on it.  Do not close the loop.

5.  Add the joined headpins to the ear wire using the still open loop.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to create a fuller look on the earring.

7. Repeat steps 1-7 to create a second earring.

Use these basic steps to create a variety of earrings.  The size, shape and type of beads can be varied.  The number of beads on the headpin can be varied.  In addition, there are many types of ear wires available.  Below are two versions of this design I created.  The earrings on the left were made with 4mm round beads I had leftover from my “Leather and Gemstone Bracelet“.  Have fun.  I would love to hear what variations other people try too!

Happy crafting,


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