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We have a full covering of snow outside.  I look forward to Valentine’s Day, just to heat things up a bit!

Today I decided to rummage through my card stock in an attempt to make a handmade Valentine.  I then wandered from my scrap-booking supplies and into my sewing supplies.   I decided to use both the card stock and some sewing supplies to make the ultimate Valentine.  There are endless variations on how you can embellish a card with embroidery floss, but I have provided a numbered template at the end of this post to get you started with just one design.

Please read below for instructions on how to use my handmade Valentine template to impress that special someone in your life!

Sewn Valentine

If you have a small scale hole punch for adding scrap-booking brads, it is great to pre-punch the holes in this pattern.  Pre-punching will simplify the use of the floss, making this a great craft for your kids too.  As long as the holes are already punched a 5 or 6 year old can complete this pattern.

Rest assured that if you do not have an overflowing closet full of craft materials to raid, then you can obtain all of the supplies for this project at your local craft shop!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


DMC Stranded Embroidery Floss

Card Stock – in a minimum of two colors

Sewing Needle

Glue Stick



1. Cut two pieces of card stock about 6″ X 6″ for the front and back of the card out of color A (color A is red in the image above, but you can choose your own color).

2. Cut out 4 small hearts from the card stock in color B (pink in the image above).  Place one of these hearts to the side for later use.  Fold the remaining 3 hearts in half.  Put glue on the folded side of the hearts (i.e. in the fold).  Line up the two large pieces of card stock from step one.  Use the three hearts with glue to hold the two pieces together like a card by gluing one side of each heart to each piece of card stock.  You are basically using the heart like a hinge that holds together the 6″ x 6″ pieces of card stock.  See the picture for a suggested placement.

3. Use the temple to cut out one large heart of color B.  You can make the edges straight or scalloped.  Cut out the inside of the heart also, so you have only a frame in the shape of a heart. Use a pencil to mark the 38 dots shown around the frame, see the image below.  You do not need to mark the numbers on your card, I just marked them for reference.

4. Cut a long piece of DMC floss and separate it into two sections of 3 strands each.  Thread one of these sections onto your needle.

5. Bring the needle up from the back of your frame to the front at the dot labeled on the temple as (1).  If you have a small scrap-booking hole punch you can pre punch your holes to make the sewing easier.  If you can not pre-punch be sure to use a sharp needle and support the paper as you punch it through.  Continue sewing your heart by coming up through the odd numbers and down through the even numbers, in a sequential manner.  So pass through hole 1, then hole 2, then hole 3 etc.  If you run out of thread start with a new thread and continue.  You will notice that for this design some holes are used twice.

6. Knot any thread ends together from where you started new strands.  Use a small piece of tape to hold the ends behind the heart frame.  Trim any extra long pieces.

7. Use the glue stick to attach the sewn heart to the front of the card.  Glue the remaining small heart in the center of the sewn heart.

Do not forget to write some loving words on the inside of the Valentine!  I will leave this part up to you…and no you cannot read what I wrote to my husband either!

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Handmade Valentine Template:

Valentine Template

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