Victorian Easter Projects – Paper Scraps and Dresden Foils

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We have finally felt the first bursts of warm weather, and Easter is almost here.  As with all holidays, I struggle a bit with the over commercialization that often usurps the traditional holiday spirit.  Don’t get me wrong, we love the Easter Bunny here in my household.  We also fully embrace Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, and even Cadbury eggs!    Yet we also try to acknowledge the true essence of Easter, to interject a little balance into the perspective of our kids.  And as you might expect, it is difficult to reconcile what a fuzzy bunny has to do with Jesus.

So…my daughter  loves craft projects, plain and simple.  This year I decided to work with some reproduction Victorian paper scraps and make some crafts that capture the religious meaning of the Easter holiday.  Since my daughter goes to a Catholic elementary school she was able to get into this craft, and she shared the results with her friends at school.

Victorian Easter Projects

Victorian paper designs are perfect materials for celebrating Easter.  You can use these paper designs for a great number of Victoria Easter projects.  For example, I even found a page of Victorian crosses decorated with different types of flowers.  You can definitely find paper designs with more traditional eggs and bunnies too if that is your preferred approach!  I made two ornaments with spun glass and one with paper that can also serve as a bookmark when Easter has passed.  I also used some of my remaining materials to decorate some eggs.  Mixing these paper designs with decorated eggs will certainly add interest and variety to your Easter decorating repertoire.  This craft project is also a great project for Easter Sunday, so everyone has something to take home from an Easter gathering of friends or family.

Victorian Easter Egg

You will find a wide variety of spun glass, Victorian paper scraps and Dresden foils online at 32 Degrees North and D. Blumchen & Company.  These places are a great source of supplies for your Victorian Easter projects.

Victorian Easter paper craft supplies


Spun glass – 3 to 3.5 inch diameter

Victorian paper scraps

Dresden foils (these are the gold paper cutouts)

DMC Embroidery floss or ribbon

Glue stick


After you have chosen all of your materials it is really up to the crafter to decide what to create!  If you want more detailed instructions on the spun glass ornament take a gander at my Spun Glass Christmas Ornament post (a free pattern on this site).

I do recommend trying out some of the materials shown above on eggs too.  I will be making mine on Easter.  If you try this approach, use a needle to make a hole in both the top and the bottom of the egg.  Blow through the top hole until the contents of the egg are emptied from the egg into a bowl.  Rinse the egg.  Now thread a small ribbon through the egg as a hanger.  Now when you decorate  the egg you can keep it for years to come!

Have a wonderful Easter!


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