Beaded Earring Tutorial – Gemstone Hoop Earrings

Hello everyone,

Our new baby has arrived, and school is officially over.  Summer is upon us here in New Hampshire!

It has been a little difficult for me to get out of the house since the arrival of our little boy.   Therefore, this is a great time to just delve into my stashes of left over crafting and jewelry supplies for creative inspiration.   I decided to put together a beaded earring tutorial for you all, starting with a pair of gemstone hoop earrings.

As a starting point, you can use any 4mm – 6mm beads for these earrings.  If you use beads of this size then this will be a perfect project for beads that you have left over form the Leather and Gemstone Bracelet tutorial here on my site (one of the most popular posts on this site!).

Hoop Earrings 2

I decided to use some pearls for this 1st tutorial.  I also decided to make some medium diameter earrings, but you can also make these hoops as large or small as you like.  I bought my hoop frames from Rings and Things in sterling silver.  They sell a variety of options along with the sterling silver wire you will need.  The silver wire is easy to manipulate and I have provided detailed instructions below, making this a great beaded earring tutorial for beginners.  After you finish your first pair I hope that you try some variations on this design.  Play around with different gemstones and hoop sizes, and I also suggest trying  different shapes.  The hoop frames can also be customized with a pair of needle nosed pliers.  Give this pattern a try and let me know how it goes by commenting below or chiming in on our Facebook page.

Gemstone Hoop Earring



36 – pearl beads of 4mm in diameter

24 inches – 22 gauge sterling silver wire

2 – 30mm sterling silver hoop earring frames

Needle nosed pliers

Wire cutters



1. Do not pre cut your wire.  You will have less waste this way, thereby saving money.  You can see in the photo that my wire is even longer than 24 inches when I start the pattern.  String 18 of your beads on your wire.


2. Start about 5mm from the back side of the hoop, as shown above.  Wrap the plain wire around the larger gauge hoop wire about 3 times.  Use your pliers to press the end of the wire down completely where you started the wrap.  Push the first bead up into place on top of the hoop wire.  Do not push the bead as far up on the wire as you can.  You need to leave a little space so the bead sits with the holes facing to the side (tangential to the hoop) and sits on top of the hoop.  While you position the bead you may want to hold the starting wire wraps with your pliers.  It is normal that the wire you are wrapping will still spin around the hoop wire at this point – don’t worry.

3. Hold the bead in place with your hands (or the starting wrap with pliers) and tightly make another wrap with your wire around the hoop wire.  It is better to use your hands on the unused wire when making wraps and not pliers.  Pliers may leave unwanted kinks in the wire.


4. Continue adding beads as above, each followed by a complete wrap around the hoop wire as shown in the photos.


5. I used 18 beads on each side, but you can add however many you like.  After the last bead is attached, make 2 and a half wraps around the hoop wire.  Trim the wire and use your pliers to press down the wire end to complete the last half wrap around the hoop wire.

Hoop Earring Tutorial

6. Use your pliers to bend the last 3mm of the hoop wire up to finish the hoop closure.

You have now completed one earring!   I imagine you can guess how to complete the second one.  🙂

DSC_3442 - Version 3

I hope that this has inspired you to try some new earring designs.  I would love to hear how your earrings turn out, so please write a comment either here or on my Facebook page.  I have also made the quick reference photo below great for Pinterest!

Happy jewelry making!


Pearl Hoop Earrings



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