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Valentine’s Day has passed.  March is upon us.  Before we know it, Spring and Easter will be here.  Here in New Hampshire, the stores are ready for the change in seasons – but Mother Nature is not!  My thoughts are focused on Spring though.  It cannot come soon enough.

One of my most popular posts on this blog is my Felt Easter Bunny template and tutorial.  Every day (this time of year) lots of people find this post through Google.  Therefore, as Spring approaches, I thought that I would make a companion for the bunny!  Please welcome my little duckling.  He is easy to make if you follow the detailed instructions and templates below.   I hope you agree that the duckling is adorable.

Read below and use the link above to review the felt duckling and Easter bunny template posts!

Felt Duck and Bunny

As always, I prefer to work with wool or wool blend felt.  It is stronger and has a much nicer feel.  I ofter buy felt from Weir Crafts, who sells direct or through Amazon.  Other than that everything you need is easily available at any local craft shop.  I have included a quick affiliate link below if you want easy access to a solid supplier of felt.


Wool Felt – in orange and yellow

DMC Stranded Embroidery floss – to match felt colors

Wool roving

Small black bead – (appropriate size for eye)

Black thread




1. Using the templates at the end of the post, cut out all of your felt pieces.  The wing should be cut out as a rectangle and then folded along the dotted line as indicated.  With the felt folded you can then cut along the dashed lines to create the loops.

Felt duck start

2.  For all stitching it is best to divide the embroidery floss from 6 strands into 3 strands.  I use a blanket stitch to join my felt, but a whip stitch would also work.  Match the two sides and join together with a blanket stitch starting at the top of the head.  Use the top piece of felt to decide where to start stitching, but do not attach the top piece yet.  You want to start stitching at the top of the head but in a location where the stitching would not pass through the top piece of felt if it were present.  You are only stitching the sides together at this point!  Work down the chest of the duck.  When you have progressed about two-thirds of the way down the chest ( see thread sticking to the left in the first photo), line up the bottom piece of felt.

The bottom should be placed so that the two sides and the bottom all come together at the tail.  Continue stitching the right side along the bottom piece of felt.  So at this point you are stitching one side piece and the bottom together.  When you reach the tail, turn and attach the other side of the bottom to the left side of the duck, as in the second photo above.  Secure your floss and trim any remaining tail.

Line up the top piece of felt between the two sides.  With a new piece of embroidery floss attach the top to the right side starting at the neck.  When you reach the top of the head add a stitch if necessary or trim the top piece to make everything line up properly.  Turn and stitch the remaining side to the top, but stop at the neck, as shown in the third photo above.  Do not cut your embroidery thread.

duck wing

3.  Fold the wing in half as indicated in the template.  If you have not yet cut the loops (dashed lines), do so know.  Roll one end over onto itself and secure in place with your embroidery floss as in the left side of the photo above.  Cut a slit in the duck side just smaller than the rolled end of the wing.  Push the rolled end through the hole, and push through your needle and floss.  The thicker rolled portion of the wing should be towards the chest the narrower side should be towards the tail.  From the inside of the duck secure the wing to the side with a whip stitch as shown in the second photo above.  Knot your thread and trim the end remaining.  Repeat this step with the second wing.  Be sure to reverse your roll, so the fat side of the wing still faces to the duck’s chest.

duck beak

4.  Stuff your duck with wool roving.  Be sure to get the head shaped as you want it.  Start with the piece labled beak.  Attach to the head starting with the bottom part of the beak using the above photo for placement reference.  Now attach the top beak, being sure to over lap the corners as shown above.

Attach  both feet to the duck bottom with a few stitches along the heel, leaving the front and sides of the foot free as in the right side of the photo above.  Add any additional stuffing as necessary and complete the stitching of the top to the sides – completely closing up the duck.

Duck eyes

5. With the black thread, add the two beads as eyes and use a french knot to complete the beak detail.

Enjoy your baby duck.  And if you enjoyed making the duck then check out his friend the bunny – an Easter bunny template and tutorial.  I have also put together the below image as a great tutorial summary.  Perfect for pinning on Pinterest!  Please help this blog and spread the word,


Felt duck tutorial


duck template


felt animals

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