Shea Butter Lotion Recipe with Homemade Lace Tin

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Learning about the resin while making coasters last week has left me day dreaming about what else to do with resin.  It was a small mental leap to discover the idea of decorating containers.  But then I had to dream up the type of container.   I am currently suffering a bit through the coldest, driest part of winter in New England.  My dry hands quickly convinced me that I should make some lotion and use the resin to decorate a container for the lotion / hand cream.

All the stitching and knitting that I do, mixed with the ample amount of housework that is obligatory when you have three kids, always takes a toll on my hands.  Since I am rather bad at using gloves when I clean or wash dishes, shea butter lotion is my salvation.  Therefore, I have taken to making my own.  I have been optimizing my shea butter lotion recipe this winter and thought it was time to share the result.  By following the instructions below you can make shea butter lotion that is every bit as good as high end lotions, but at a fraction of the cost!


The  lavender and shea butter lotion recipe is for what is really a thick hand and foot salve.  It starts very thick and instantly softens when warmed on the skin.  There is a brief, smooth oilyness that absorbs into the skin quickly, but leaves a soft protective layer on your hands or feet.

  • The shea butter and cocoa butter both melt at near body temperature, helping them to absorb into the skin.
  • The shea butter also has good water binding properties, and the vitamin A in it helps to treat skin irritations.
  • The cocoa butter provides a lasting, velvety texture.
  • I have also added Avocado oil to this cream – as it absorbs very well into the skin and naturally contains many vitamins including vitamin E.
  • I used deodorized cocao butter so I could add a lavender scent to my cream.  You could also skip the scent and enjoy the natural chocolatey scent of regular cocao butter.

When you purchase your shea butter, make sure it is refined.  This shea butter lotion recipe works so much better with refined shea butter.  Unrefined shea butter is cheaper but has a gritty feel to it that is not suitable for this lotion (in my opinion).

I purchased my ingredients online at Bulk Apothecary, who also sells on Amazon.  If you are going to buy on Amazon, please use the link below to buy my favorite shea butter (not expensive) and I will receive a small commission to support the site (and if you want to buy a wide screen TV at the same time then I will get a small commission for that too – thank you!).

I purchased my tins online and added scraps of lace to their tops (in the same method that I shared when making coasters with resin).   For more information on using resin check out my post, Handmade Coasters.  It is simple but I have included a video for using the resin, so check it out!  It makes an amazing personal gift.

Please note that I spray painted some of my fabric before adding the fabric to the tins, just to give some of my lace pieces a gold color.

Now on the the lotion…

Ingredients for the Shea Butter Lotion Recipe:

3 tablespoons of refined shea butter

3 teaspoons of deodorized cocoa butter

2 teaspoons avocado oil

A few drops of vitamin E

6 drops of lavender oil

You will also need:

Small glass jar (a baby food jar or old jam jar works great)

A pot

Measuring spoons



1. Place all ingredients in the small jar.  Set jar inside a pot with water that immerses about half of the jar.


2. Bring the water up to a boil and heat until the jar contents are liquified.


3. Pour the mixture into your containers and let it cool.

Recently, I have been using this shea butter lotion, making batches for friends, and giving it away as a little love gift.  Everyone really enjoys it.  So make some for yourself and enjoy it as well!

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