DIY Minnie Mouse Ears (Princess Themed)

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In preparation for our most recent Disney trip, I decided to make some custom, Princess themed, DIY Minnie Mouse Ears.  I had seen a few people wearing similar types of headbands on our last trip to Disney, and decided that this DIY project would be a perfect way to pass the cold and snowy days in New England while dreaming about our upcoming Disney trip.  For a tutorial about how to make your own DIY Minnie Mouse Ears (or Princess Themed Mickey Ears) simply read below.  They are so easy to make that your kids can make them too!


Purchasing merchandise in the parks is fun, but the merchandise there is expensive, mass produced, and of minimal quality.  I like handmade and unique crafts.  So I searched around for higher end princess Mickey Mouse ears but found the online options to be very limited.  Ideally, I was looking for ears that were old fashioned looking and less cartoonish than standard offerings.  I could not find anything that matched my taste online so I took matters into my own hands.

I made a few different designs for these DIY Minnie Mouse ears or DIY Disney Princess Ears.  In the end, I found an easy technique for making awesome DIY Minnie Mouse ears using felt, lace and glitter etc.




Materials (Also See the Tips on Materials at the End of the Post):



Craft foam with adhesive back



Spray glue

Glue gun

Trim, Brocade, 1/8″ ribbon, or beaded chain

1/4″ to 1/2″ wired ribbon

Rhinstone button



1) Cut the double ear shape out of your felt.  I used a glass turned upside down for a template.  Try to find a glass with a diameter of about 3.5″.  The connected area of the felt should be about 1″ wide (see the image below, you want a connected figure 8 shape with your felt and the connected area is the area connecting the two circles of felt).  Then cut a circle out of your craft foam with a diameter of about 3″.  I found that the best colors for the felt are found when buying higher end wool felt.  As always, I usually get my felt from Weir Crafts on Amazon, which you can find here, 100% All Wool Craft Felt Sheets and Squares.

In the case of the pink Aurora ears I could not find the pink felt that I wanted, so I chose a lace that I could spray paint pink and used a white felt behind it when making those ears.  This lace technique leads to a great look.  I suggest looking for scraps of old lace online. Old lace is often of high quality and can be cheap if the lace is damaged or stained.  Do not worry about buying damaged lace, as a hole can be worked around and you only need small pieces of lace.  You can also spray paint old lace that may be tainted with stains (like an old lace table cloth with wine or gravy stains on it).  That is one of the other reasons I spray painted the Aurora lace (it was stained a bit and was really old lace from my Grandmother’s house).

For my Belle Ears, I found lace with roses!   For the Elsa ears I could not find the proper colors, so I used glitter and netting to emulate the right color for Elsa.

2) Now that you cut your 2 pieces of “figure 8” felt, spray the felt with glue and sprinkle the felt with your chosen color of glitter.  Spray the lace with glue and sprinkle the lace with glitter too, as desired.  If you are going to paint your lace you should have already painted it!  Do not paint it while the felt has the lace on it or when the felt is on the head band.  Apply the lace to the felt.


3) Once dry, flip over and apply the foam circle to the other side of the felt, This will be the inside of the ear when the felt is folded around the headband.


4) Wrap one felt ear around the headband.  Use a glue gun to adhere the two sides of the “figure 8” felt together.  If you are sewing on your final trim (as a border around the ear) keep the glue away from the felt seam as the glue is hard to sew through.  Check placement of the ears and use the glue gun to attach the folded ears to the head band.  Repeat this process for the second ear.

5) Use a glue gun to attach a ribbon or brocade trim to the ear edge.  If you use beaded chain, it is better to sew it to the edge with a whip stitch.


6) Finally, tie a nice big bow in the middle of the ears and sew your rhinestone button / center in place.  When you sew the button in place,  you should also attach the bow to the head band so it does not rotate.  If you have a large rhinestone button/centerpiece you may need to sew the ends of the bow to the ears to give the bow additional support (helpful in terms of fighting gravity).  Remember the entire button must be above the head band so it doesn’t tilt when you put the headband on.

Tips on Materials:

For the rhinestone centers check Etsy.  There are endless and wonderful options.  You may find nice old lace there too.

I highly recommend the Martha Stewart Glitter.  It is a finer glitter than most and comes in great colors.  I purchased a multipack.  You can get it in some craft shops and Amazon.

Finally if you want a little extra bling on the ear edge you can use 2 to 2.5mm beaded chain.  I love the options at Ornamentea.

While the lace is my favorite adornment, I also made a pair of Snow White ears with only fabric and felt.  I made them to emulate her gown sleeves.  This is a great solution for non-princess ears.  I was thinking of designing some cheshire cat ones for next year.

Also, if you have a boy as I do, pirate ears are great!  I made a pair using the same technique with a red bandana and a big hoop earring.  I used black glitter on those ears too.  It adds a nice touch.


I would love to hear what ideas you come up with!


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