Goldwork Tutorial and Kits (Gold Embroidery)

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I have continued to be engrossed in my embroidery (so much so that I have not been posting much – sorry!).  This summer I finished two Goldwork pieces by Alison Cole.  My first introduction to the technique (basically gold embroidery or metallic embroidery) was via one of Alison’s Cyber Classes.  As part of this class I completed the purple butterfly below – which incorporated numerous Goldwork techniques.

Goldwork Butterfly

Alison sells kits for many of her patterns.  I found it worth purchasing kits from Alison (for both of the pieces in this post) even though they had to be shipped half way around the world.   Goldwork supplies are not readily available in my area.  Frankly, I wasn’t actually sure what some of the supplies truly were either.  Hence I was happy to purchase the kits – I was glad not to go searching for all of the pieces of the kit!  Alison’s Cyber Class was a perfect introduction to a new technique.  Her instructions were amazingly detailed and the class included a helpful online forum for questions.

The focus of the class was also a smaller project (the butterfly) – making this class topic very manageable.   After this class, I easily progressed to another one of her Goldwork kits (image below).  Her regular kits are well put together, but if you are new to Goldwork, I recommend taking the cyber class before diving into a pattern on your own.IMG_1693

For my second piece I decided on a pattern that mixed Goldwork and Stumpwork – both techniques were popular in the 17th Century.  I am not usually drawn to Stumpwork, but I loved the use of Stumpwork for the flower petals – especially when mixed with the Goldwork.  This piece above (my second project) is only about 4.5 inches square.  The detail she worked into the design was amazing.  I was pleased with the outcome of my work.  I am already thinking of how to delve deeper into Goldwork.  There are so many wonderful techniques to master – and crafts to try.

After the stream of Goldwork projects, I have moved on and engrossed myself in Jacobean Crewel embroidery.  Stay tuned for a major update regarding some of my Crewel embroidery work this summer.

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