About Me



My name is Kirsten.  I am a mother to two three small children, a devoted wife to a loving husband, and a passionate student and practitioner of myriad crafting, knitting, sewing and antique restoration techniques.

Despite the chaos of day-to-day life I find pieces of creative time to keep my craft flame ablaze.  The goal of this site is to inspire you to do the same!  In just 20 to 30 minutes a day you can make lovely, exquisite and satisfying crafts every few weeks!

My Story

I have always felt a love for antiques.  Antiques often embody a balance between fine aesthetics and effective design that I find appealing.  This love has little to do with old world style, and a lot to do with old world craftsmanship and quality.  I simply love and appreciate well-crafted, well-designed, natural, or handmade items.  On the one hand, the artist in me appreciates beauty and skillful creation.  On the other hand, the engineer in me (I have computer science and engineering degrees) appreciates elegant and effective design, along with enduring construction techniques.

So Why this Site?

Handcrafted, heirloom quality items are often expensive.  Over the years I found that I could not afford all of the heirloom quality possessions that I desired in life, so I began an exploratory process of creating these types of items with my own two hands.  I soon discovered that one of my passions in life is the combination of learning and creativity that is required to make luxury crafts and other handmade, artisanal items.

The bulk of craft instruction today is focused on the quick creation of simple or cheap items.  There is certainly a time and a place for these types of crafts, but the process of creating these crafts rarely teaches the crafter a new skill or results in the creation of an item that could be passed down through multiple generations.  I am dedicated to learning and teaching skills that are required to create heirloom grade, luxury craft or artisanal goods.  The creation of these items should not be intimidating.  Do not focus on how many hours are required to finish a project or learn a new skill.   I am a busy mother, housewife, and small businesswoman.  Yet I find time to spend a few hours in the evenings, multiple nights a week, creating or learning about artisanal crafts or goods.  I simultaneously work on various projects, and have also been known to put a project away for a year or more.  But when I finish I am typically proud of the results.  It is a wonderful feeling to resist the temptation of quick creation and completion, and to instead dive deeply into a project that requires skill, patience, and endurance.  Completion of these types of projects is a truly gratifying experience.

In pursuit of my passion, I often find artisanal crafts that are no longer widely taught or practiced.  These discoveries lead me to create this site.  My goal is to teach or collaborate with other people that share my passion for discovering, learning, experimenting with, and creating luxury crafts or artisanal goods.  I sincerely hope that you will share this journey with me, or collaborate on projects associated with this site.

And finally, please leave a comment on this page if you read this message!  Knowing that you read this page and that you enjoy the site will motivate me to maintain my goal of adding a quality craft post or tutorial to this site on a weekly basis.

– Kirsten